Inflatable boxing column


Discover our inflatable boxing fitness column, the perfect tool to improve your fitness by training in a fun and dynamic way. Pack a punch to your workout routine with this inflatable boxing column!  Our inflatable boxing column is designed to provide an entertaining and effective workout experience. It allows you to practice boxing moves, improve your coordination, agility and endurance, while strengthening your muscles. Made from strong, durable materials, this boxing column is designed to absorb blows and strikes without deforming. It has a stable base that fills with water or sand to ensure optimal stability during your intense workouts. The inflatable boxing column is easy to inflate and deflate. You can store and transport it easily, whether at home, in your gym or outdoors. It is also height adjustable, allowing you to adjust it to your liking. Whether you're a beginner looking to get into boxing or an experienced athlete looking to diversify your training, this inflatable boxing column offers a fun and challenging training experience. Improve your fitness, develop your boxing skills, and let off steam with our inflatable boxing fitness column. Add a touch of fun and intensity to your workout routine. Choose this inflatable boxing column now and turn your workout into a real fight for fitness!  Packing: OPP bag   Name: 160cm pneumatic boxing column tumbler   Material: environment-friendly PVC   Thickness: 0.3 mm   Size: 160cm inflatable height, 65cm chassis diameter   Weight: 0.7 kg   Packaging: English color card packaging + patch

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